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The Perth Rifle Metallic Silhouette Club (PRMSC) is a growing and vibrant sporting association based at the Wanneroo Shooting Complex (WSC) on Perry Road, Pinjar north of Perth in Western Australia. Do not be fooled by the name. Whilst rifle shooting at metallic targets is a big part of the club’s activities members also shoot a number of other disciplines and firearm types on a fortnightly basis.

In the silhouette disciplines, as well as the .22 rimfire and centrefire rifle (military, open and other classes), members shoot 22 rimfire pistol, centrefire handgun, and Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette. For Benchrest enthusiasts there is a fortnightly “fly” shoot at paper targets 500m away with the target painted as a life-size fly, and yes, there are members who are that proficient.

There is a regular shotgun shoot every other Saturday afternoon with optional air rifle shooting earlier on the same days. The club is delighted to be the first in Australia to be approved to shoot “Practical Hunting Rifle which is based on a South African discipline involving life size targets of various animals with realistic colours and scoring zones that win or lose points. This discipline is getting enthusiastic support from members and is spreading to other clubs.

For pistol shooters there is an additional discipline from the Action Match Series, “Steel Challenge” with other matches also being investigated.

Within all shooting disciplines our first emphasis is on safety.  Safety is our concern and your responsibility.  Our second emphasis is on fun.  We will provide the opportunities – you just need to take part!

So welcome to members who have joined, members who are yet to join, and visitors from everywhere.  You are most welcome at our club.  Check out the calendar for shoot dates and times and feel free to contact any member of the committee or discipline delegate to chat about us and what we do.

Happy and safe shooting



Wanneroo Shooting Complex