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About Practical Hunting Rifle
Practical Hunting Rifle is a shooting contest of variable and nonstandard format that examines practical marksmanship as it occurs in the hunting field. It is the closest sport you’ll find to real hunting and it will test and improve your ability to judge distance, give you knowledge of your rifle’s ballistics and how to judge the influence of the wind on the bullet’s trajectory. In addition, it will improve your ability to shoot from various positions, within time constraints and reward effective shot placement.
Offhand, kneeling, sitting or prone with or without supports are used in matches to simulate actual field conditions, but wind meters and laser range finders are not allowed when engaging the life-sized paper prints of game and feral animals or the 100mm and 200mm steel discs. Hits on discs score 30 points, with paper targets a maximum of 30.1 down to zero for misses, while some zones will lose the competitor up to 15 hard earned points.

Rifles approved for Practical Hunting Rifle ranges

Bring along your centrefire hunting rifle in any calibre allowed on SSAA ranges (typically from .204 Ruger to .375 Win Mag), or your .22LR rimfire rifle and join in the fun. Slings are allowed, and there are no limits to scope magnification. Targets are engaged at distances up to 400m for centrefire shoots and 150m for rimfire.

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SSAA WA Practical Hunting Rifle Rules 2016



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