PRMSC Membership

Becoming a member of PRMSC

To become a member, we need you to attend the range on a competition day and shoot in a match so we can assess your safety and if you will “fit in” with the club. After 3 or so matches you will be eligible to nominate to join the club. This gives you time to assess the club and for the club to assess you. We do not wish to take your membership fees and then you find out you don’t like it at the club. Equally, we want to see how you shoot as well as if you will fit in with our club.

Membership is $160 plus a nomination fee of $110 for the first year, or $80 plus a $110 fee if you are a full member of another club in the complex and they pay your complex fee and range fee’s are $10 per competition you shoot in.
Once you have been a member for a year, you can either keep paying the $160 plus $10 range fee or pay $300 for a gold membership which covers you for all range fees and target fee’s but not including clay targets. Schedule of membership fees 2016

Once you have been a member for 4 months and shot 6 matches you can approach the committee and ask them for a complex key. If supported by the Committee (it is not a right) you pay a $25 deposit for the key for the main gate and we give you the combination for the boom gate to get into the club. This provides the opportunity for you to come to the club whenever you wish.
Shooting is allowed from 7 am to 10 pm 7 days a week. There is no casual shooting allowed when a competition is underway. The range is closed when we have busy bees. Once you are a full member, with a key, you can bring guests to the club but you are responsible for them and any damage they do.
We have club guns available for all competitions we shoot.

Registration desk
Registration desk

We invite you to come up to a shoot, make yourself known to the club captain, Doug or any of the committee, look for red caps! We are a friendly lot so please come up for a shot – visitors are always welcome.

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