What we shoot

At PRMSC, we shoot several different disciplines; the main one being Rifle Metallic Silhouette (RMS). It is a course of fire with 5 shots per bank of targets and 20 shots per detail and you shoot 2 details for a competition (40 shots in total). The competition is shot standing up with no support either against a pole or with a sling. It can be a difficult sport to master but a fun sport to shoot. range
There are two rifle metallic silhouette competitions, .22 rimfire and full bore centre fire.

Rimfire targets are chicken shaped targets at 40m, then pigs at 60m, then turkeys at 77m, and rams at 100m, the score is out of 40 and there are medals for scores and pins for 5 and 10 hits in a row. Rimfire targets are 1/5 th the size of a C/F target.
The next competition is centrefire rifle, you can use any centrefire rifle that can be licensed in WA as long as it fits in with the weight and dimensions of the rule book. Most hunting and target rifles comply. Rounds must not be over powered so as to cause damage to targets. Most members use .308 based rounds with .308 and 7/08 popular as well as some 30/06 and 300 win mag. If you use more powerful rounds they can be too hard on the shooter anyway as you need to shoot 40 rounds for a match and the gun will be too hot to continue with after just one detail. Even the 308 rifles can get very hot, especially in summer. C/F is shot at the same shaped targets as Rimfire, but they are approx the size of a full grown animal.
Range-TargetsThe chickens are at 200m, the pigs at 300m, the turkeys at 377m, and the rams are at 500m. Again badges and pins are presented for attaining a certain score. We also shoot service rifle metallic silhouette in conjunction with C/F rifle and we use any service rifle issued , mostly 303’s and 6.5 Swedish, but any licensed service rifle with the original sights are allowed in accordance with the rule book.
For learners, younger people or elderly/ disabled shooters we do allow shooting off the bench or using a tripod or leaning on a pole. Unfortunately these are non-qualifying for the formal competition, they are only for personal satisfaction.
The club shoots rifle metallic silhouette every second Sunday (see competition calendar) with practice starting around 7 am and the safety briefing and putting out the targets are from 8.30 to 9am then the competition starts at 9 prompt.
We also shoot IHMS which is the handgun metallic silhouette and we shoot rimfire pistol at the same time as the rifle comp is shot (9 am), with centre fire pistol shot at the same time as centre fire rifle (usually about 11 am).
After 6 months with the club you can do the pistol safety course and join in the fun, we have several .22 handguns and a .44 magnum handgun available for members to use and you can also ask after 6 months as a fully financial member to get your own if the bug bites hard enough and the Committee considers you to be safe.

Wanneroo Shooting Complex