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Perth Rifle Metallic Silhouette Club

PRMSC What we do

The Perth Rifle Metallic Silhouette Club (PRMSC) is a growing and vibrant sporting association based at the Wanneroo Shooting Complex (WSC) on Perry Road, Pinjar north of Perth in Western Australia. We shoot Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun competitions in a safe, relaxed and family friendly atmosphere.

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Silhouette shooting is the mainstay of the club and its popularity is on the rise. We shoot Air Rifle, Rimfire Rifle and Centrefire rifles at steel targets at ever increasing ranges. If precision is your preference we also shoot paper targets from the bench. For those interested in Practical Hunting Rifle, a variety of field like positions are employed to shoot at paper animals at unknown distances. Shotgun shooting is always fast and exciting, From simulated Field and Game matches through to the more orderly Down the Line and Five Stand competitions, we have most styles covered. We also find the time to run matches in Handgun Metallic Silhouette. This can be quite a challenging and addictive pastime. Trying to shoot tiny steel targets at ranges up to 200m, can be very demanding and frustrating, yet an immense amount of fun


Disciplines We Shoot


Metallic Silhouette

In the silhouette disciplines, we shoot Air Rifle, .22 Rimfire, Centrefire rifle, and Service Rifle. Members who are pistol shooters can also shoot .22 Rimfire and Centrefire handgun. There is a regular Shotgun Shoot every 2nd Saturday please check the Calendar for details.

Fly Shoot

For Benchrest enthusiasts there is a fortnightly fly shoot at paper targets for both Rimfire and Centrefire rifles, with the target painted as a life-size fly, and yes, there are members who are that proficient.

Practical Hunting Rifle

The club is delighted to be the first in Australia to be approved to shoot Practical Hunting Rifle which is based on a South African discipline involving life size targets of various animals with realistic colours and scoring zones that win or lose points. This discipline is getting enthusiastic support from members and is spreading to other clubs.

Contact PRMSC

For a visitor experience at PRMSC please use our online booking

Online Booking

To get in touch with PRMSC to learn more about our club
Membership Officer: Dale

Graham Pow Drive, Pinjar Perth WA

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